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Beat the Heat This Labor Day

Beat the Heat This Labor Day

This Labor Day weekend is coming in hot, so we’re bringing you a few ways to chill out. From sweet somethings to ice-cold delights, you can cool down by stocking up on your favorite treats from The Americana at Brand.


Pressed Juicery

Nutritious | 818.247.2034 | See Menu

Packed with nutrients and wholesome ingredients, these best-selling juices hone in on natural flavors.

Beat the Heat this Labor Day at Pressed Juicery The Americana at Brand


Ombra Wine Bar

Refreshing | 818.502.1220 | See Menu

Order your cocktail of choice or let the bartender craft something creative to thrill your palate.

Beat the Heat this Labor Day at Ombra Wine Bar at The Americana at Brand


Sprinkles Cupcakes, Ice Cream and Cookies

INDULGENT | 818.549.4166 | See Menu

Sweeten the deal with a cup or cone from this popular dessert shop, bursting with flavors your taste buds will love.

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