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Important Update

Caruso Rewards is no longer accepting receipt submissions for points. The final date to earn points was September 2, 2020, and the final date to redeem rewards was December 1, 2020. All previously earned parking rewards will remain available through their respective expiration dates.

Thank you to all our members for your loyalty and support. We look forward to serving you again very soon with a new and exciting program.

Until then, we invite you to check off your holiday wish list, order carry-out and delivery from your favorite restaurants, and enjoy all the festive merriment The Americana at Brand has to offer this season.

Frequently Asked Questions


Rewards can no longer be redeemed. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

When is the last day I can earn a $25 rewards gift card?

The last day to submit receipts and earn a reward was September 2, 2020.

Will my rewards go away?

Any rewards not redeemed within 90 days from the date earned will expire, on or before December 1, 2020.

Will I still be able to use my $25 gift cards after the program ends?

Yes, participating tenants at The Grove and The Americana at Brand will continue to accept Caruso Rewards gift cards.

Where can I use my Rewards gift cards?

Our Caruso Rewards gift card is redeemable at all participating stores and restaurants at The Grove and The Americana at Brand.* American Express gift cards cannot be purchased with your Caruso Rewards gift card.

*Some exceptions may apply.

For any questions related to your Caruso Rewards account, please contact

Can I still redeem my Sprinkles birthday cupcake?

This birthday reward is no longer available.

When do my points expire?

All points are considered expired as of December 1, 2020. Caruso reserves the right to change or modify the point structure of Caruso Rewards at any time.

What happened to my account now that the program has ended?

Your points expired on December 1, 2020 and your account has been closed.

When does my yearly parking reward expire?

Active parking rewards will be available for the duration of the privilege, based on the month and date earned.

Can I still get complimentary parking for spending $250?

Yes. Please visit Caruso Concierge for your same-day self-parking validation with purchases of $250 or more.

How do the parking rewards work?

Any guest who spends $250 or more in one day will be rewarded with a same-day self-parking validation. Please visit Caruso Concierge to redeem.

How and when do I submit my receipts for my points?

The final date to submit receipts was September 2, 2020. Points can no longer be accrued. The final date to redeem rewards was December 1, 2020.

I was unsuccessful scanning in a receipt. What should I do?

The final date to submit receipts was September 2, 2020.

How can I use the Caruso App?

The Caruso app is now available to all of our guests, featuring a look inside the world of Caruso with every destination for shopping, dining, resort experiences, luxury residences and entertainment. Explore everything our properties have to offer. We look forward to your next visit!

I can no longer access the Caruso App

The Caruso app was available to access Caruso Rewards accounts through September 2, 2020. If you have any questions regarding your account, please email or visit Caruso Concierge.

How do I access my parking barcode?

Log into your account through to access your barcode. You can download the barcode into your digital wallet. You may also visit Caruso Concierge for applicable validation.

How can I reset my password?

All Caruso Rewards accounts have been closed, effective December 1, 2020.